The World is our Soundtoy

This project is an extension of my interest in photography, music and the Australian Landscape.
I am trying to not only present proof of concepts and areas of further exploration but also to encourage imagination and new ways of interpreting the environment around us.

The concept is quite simple. It is to extend to user interface of audio software into the real world. It is to share these computing experiences with an audience and to invite collaboration.It is to explore the use of photographs of the Australian environment as the user interface for a series of sound toys. The photographs of the environment will not only be used as the basis of the user interface but as an integral part of the user interface of these sound toys. These soundtoys explore the nature musical software, the use of the environment as musical instruments and look to explore a musical interpretation of the environment around us.

This project is part of the Australian Centre of the Moving Image permanent collection, has been exhibited as part of the traveling exhibition and at The FILE 2005 and FILE GAMES exhibition at The SESI Gallery, Art Institution in Sao Paulo, Brazil