Happy, Angry, Sad

Happy, Sad, Angry is a video artwork based on human emotions.
The work was a part of a video and interactive series that explored human emotions, how we control them, how they are display them and how we react to them.
The participants were approached in the street and asked to convey the 3 emotions in the title.
These were filmed and edited. The video was cropped to focus on the participants’ faces.
Each emotion is 3 seconds long and invites the viewer to watch and learn from the way people represent each of these emotions.
The participants were not actors so what is captured is there interpretation of themselves.
The work draws the viewer in and asks them to interpret their reactions to the participants’ emotions. The video was later used in Loud vs Quiet interactive piece.

This work was exhibited as part of the PI-five video & short films festival in 2005 at the Swinoujscie, Koszary sztuki, the place of art at Officyna, the National Museum in Szczecin and Berlin.